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Ad Hoc EMail List Guidelines

What is the ad hoc mailing list?

The ad hoc mailing list is a list of LINK members’ email addresses. Only members that have asked to be included on the ad hoc email list will be contacted. The ad-hoc mailing list is a free service for members only. LINK will not pass on your details to third parties.

What is it used for?

The newsletter is the main method of communication within LINK and published 10 times a year. The LINK webpage is another invaluable source of information and is regularly updated. Our webmaster can be reached by email.

Occasionally, events or activities may change at short notice or members want to share or request information, or offer items for sale. Ad hoc is useful way to gain a fast response.

Ad hoc email list is very effective; by sending an email to the co-ordinator you can get information to the members on the list quickly.

How does it work?

Members can send an email to Ad Hoc, stating the information they wish to share and providing contact details. The LINK ad hoc email address is a “DO NOT REPLY” address, so it’s important that any contact details are clearly stated.

  • 'Please state clearly what the subject of the mail is in the “subject” line of the email. Being specific with the title of the mail helps members – e.g. “Ladies' bicycle for sale”, “House to rent in Copenhagen”, “Seeking advice on childcare”, etc.
  • The co-ordinator receives the email, checks that the content meets the guidelines below and then cuts and pastes the information to send out to members on the list.
  • The email will then be received by all on the list.

The email list is checked regularly and the co-ordinator will try to ensure the information is sent out quickly. However, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case due to the voluntary nature of the network. The ad hoc mailing list is maintained by adding and removing email addresses at request and it is not tied in with the membership listing.

What can I expect to receive via the ad hoc mailing list?

Members are welcome to send emails to members about the following:

  • Items for sale privately
  • Houses to rent/buy or requests for houses to rent/buy
  • Community events
  • Seeking items, recommendations or services
  • Special events to share with LINK members
  • Changes to events or activities or subgroup activities
  • Invitations from members to others to social events (e.g. My name is Mary Smith, I live in Hellerup and I want to meet other young mums in the area – please contact me on
The following will not be sent out via the ad-hoc mailing list:
  • Business advertisements (please contact Advertising to arrange for a paid advertisement in the newsletter)
  • Pictures on emails. If you have a picture of an item or items you wish to sell, please advise on the email that you can send a picture upon request or provide a link to an online service, eg flickr.
  • Private businesses tied in with LINK subgroup events
  • Private businesses/self-promotion
  • Advertising items for sale on behalf of non-members
  • We prefer not to advertise events that clash with organised LINK events or activities.

How do I join or leave the ad hoc mailing list?

You can join or be removed by sending an email to Ad-Hoc, stating JOIN (your email address) or REMOVE (your email address) within the subject line.


Any inappropriate language or content within the email will result in the mail not being sent. We reserve the right not to send out emails that we believe are contrary to the ethos of the LINK network or that do not meet the ad hoc guidelines. The ad hoc co-ordinator may seek advice from the LINK committee if she requires guidance or assistance.

Changes to these guidelines

We reserve the right to amend these guidelines at any time in response to your feedback, new or altered LINK systems and procedures, Internet best practices, and Danish and European law.

You will receive information detailing any changes to this policy when they happen via the newsletter and on our website.

Disclaimer: We cannot be responsible for any information you disclose in public community areas of LINK such as the newsletter, ad hoc email or website.  LINK cannot be held responsible for the policies of any third-party website listed in our Newsletter, website or within ad hoc email communications and you access these websites at your own risk.


If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the LINK committee.

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