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LINK BYLAWS AS AT 02 June 2020

Article 1. Name

LINK (Ladies International Network København).

Article 2. Objective

LINK is a volunteer-run, non-profit network of women from all over the world who gather through LINK to build a social network. LINK is purely social and informal in nature. Our aim is to help members expand their circle of friends and contacts through joint events and shared interests.

Article 3. Membership

LINK membership is open to any woman wishing to socialise with other international women, using English as the language of communication.

Members can join at any time of year. However, the official start date for the annual membership is 1 February and lasts until 31 January.

Each member is charged an annual membership fee to cover general administration costs incurred in the running of the group.

Membership fees are charged as follows:

  • Members are expected to pay full membership fees if joining between 1 February and 31st July.
  • A member joining between 1 August and 31 January is offered membership for that year (until January 31st) at a reduced rate.
  • A member joining between 1 January and 31 January pays full membership fees and membership expires 31st January the following year.

Membership fees are non-refundable except for special circumstances which will be reviewed and approved by the committee.

Article 4. Committee Positions

LINK is organised by a Committee of up to 11 volunteers who represent the following responsibilities:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Membership Secretary
  6. New Members Coordinator
  7. Events Coordinator
  8. Newsletter Editor
  9. Subgroup Coordinator
  10. Webmaster
  11. Social Media

With the exception of the President and the Treasurer, the volunteers can take on more than one of these roles within the committee and there may be more than one committee member involved in each role.

In the event the position of President is vacant, the Vice President will assume the role of interim-President until such time a new President is elected.

All Committee members are expected to attend a majority of the committee meetings held monthly. Committee members must attend at least one meeting in each quarter of the calendar year.

All Committee members have equal voting rights regarding Committee issues.

At any time, any LINK member may apply for a vacant or currently filled Committee position. The application for consideration for a position shall be made by email for review by the Committee.

All vacant positions shall be announced via the newsletter, email, and Facebook page when they are known to become vacant.

The standing Committee has the sole responsibility of appointing members to new positions.

Each Committee position will be reviewed every 2 years. A ⅔ majority vote of the current Committee members will approve new Committee members and continuation of current members past 2 years in their positions.

Committee members can be removed from their position with a ⅔ vote of the remaining Committee, or if appropriate, by a majority (50 percent +1) vote of the general membership at the AGM.

During their term of office serving on the Committee, members are excused from paying the annual membership fee. Once they are no longer a Committee member, to remain a member of LINK they must pay their annual membership fee.

Article 5. Meetings

Committee meetings are generally held every month except for July.

The Annual General Meeting should be held during the month of April. All current LINK members will be notified at least one month prior in the (March) newsletter, via email, and on the Facebook page.

During the AGM all members in attendance will be asked to approve the current Committee positions, any significant bylaw changes imposed by the Committee, and the financial report for the previous financial year. A show of hands with a 50 percent +1 in favor will be considered approval.

Article 6. Finances

The Treasurer and at least one additional member of the committee have the power of attorney to access any bank accounts held by LINK on behalf of the Committee.

The previous month’s financial statement shall be reviewed at the monthly Committee meeting and approved by signature of the President or another Committee member in the President’s absence.

The accounts should be independently reviewed by a third party not involved in the Committee, preferably every 2 years.

The fiscal year shall be 1 February through to 31 January the following year to align with the membership year.

Article 7. Subgroups

Different subgroups are organised by volunteers in order to cover social needs and interests of the members.

To qualify as a subgroup, the group must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The group should meet regularly (at least once a month) and engage in an activity or activities of mutual interest to the group’s members.
  • The subgroup leader must be a current member of LINK.
  • All subgroup members should also have current memberships with LINK.

Individual events and activities of the subgroups are normally self-funded. Subgroups can be provided with a subsidy to cover some expenses throughout the year as approved by the LINK Committee.

The language at LINK subgroup events is English. Events held in any language other than English (e.g. Danish, Spanish, French, German Conversation etc.) must be clearly stated when advertising the event.

Article 8. Events

Non-subgroup related events open to all members will be planned throughout the year. Some will be partially or fully subsidised by LINK funds, others will be self paid by event attendees.

Event payments are non-refundable in the case that a member has registered and paid for an event but is then unable to attend. If there is a waiting list for an event, the member’s place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list otherwise the member has the option to sell or give their place to another current LINK member, but will take full responsibility for the transaction.

If the event is cancelled by the event organisers, payments made by attendees will be credited to their LINK account to be used for future events. A refund can be requested, which attracts a bank cost to LINK.

Article 9. Tennis and other Qualifying Subgroups

Tennis has a large number of members and handles a significant amount of money. Therefore, the Tennis subgroup has its own bank account, CVR number and bylaws.

Any subgroup that has a similar situation can operate in the same way as Tennis after approval by the Committee.

Article 10. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the association, the assets shall be liquidated and distributed in accordance with government regulations. No funds shall benefit individual members.


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