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LINK subgroups are special-interest groups that meet on a regular basis, usually weekly or monthly.

We are crafters, readers, sportswomen, lovers of gourmet food, and much much more!

Whatever your interest, there is probably a subgroup for you, and if not, you can always set up your own! 

Currently LINK offers the following groups:


  • Badminton
  • Padel Tennis
  • Running Groups
  • Walking Groups
  • 'Fartlek’ Interval Training
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Zumba


  • Dementia Support Group
  • Small Business
Special Interest
  • Environmental Ambassadors
  • Fashion & Design Lovers
  • Pets Group
  • Mindful & More
  • Stitch n Bitch

Conversation Groups

  • Danish Conversation
  • English Conversation
  • French/English Conversation
  • German Conversation
  • Spanish Conversation

Social Culinary

  • Bar Call
  • Café Call
  • Vegan Veggies 
  • LINK Ladies Lunch


  • Morning Book Club
  • Evening Book Club
  • Movie Club

LINK Ladies Lunch

Would you like to sample all the lovely food that Copenhagen has to offer with like-minded ladies? the LINK Ladies Lunch subgroup meets monthly for a new foodie experience.

‘Fartlek’ Interval Training at the Fort

This new subgroup is already a well established group that meets every week in Charlottenlund. The group was established over 12 years ago by a group of new mums who wanted to get fit. From couch potato to marathon runner, all are welcome, just a mutual goal to have fun whilst getting fitter. Fartlek, is Swedish for “speed play”, a type of interval training where you run hard and then recover and repeat. The training is designed to improve your fitness but ultimately, it is up to you, you get out of the training what you put in.  


A group of joyful and lovely ladies play badminton for relaxation on two courts at Svanemøllehallen every Monday evening. We have coaching once a month to improve our technique, and we love these sessions! We also hold traditional Christmas and End-of-the Season dinners which are a lot of fun.

Bar Call

LINK ladies meet for a glass of wine, cocktail or other tipple once a month. We will get to know some new bars and share some of our favourites with others. 

Book Clubs

A choice of morning or evening meetings once a month.  New members always welcome.

Café Call

Café Call is a relaxed, no RSVP-required, monthly visit to a café in the Copenhagen area. It is usually held on the first Tuesday of every month and is a chance for members old and new to get together and chat in a friendly atmosphere. 

Conversation Groups


Would you like to improve on your Danish? The LINK Danish Conversation group welcomes all levels of Danish. The group meets on a regular basis and the goal is to improve your grammar, pronunciation, to feel more confident when speaking in Danish and of course to have fun! 


The English Conversation group is a great way to practice and improve your English speaking and listening skills. We are a very international group and welcome new members, and all levels of English. We meet 2-3 times a month, at a cafe in Copenhagen K,   As well as having a general friendly chat, we usually have a topic to discuss. 


We meet every two weeks at one of our member’s homes to practice talking for one hour in French and one hour in English on a pre-agreed topic.


The German Conversation group meets once a month at a cafe in Copenhagen.  We hope there are some women interested to join this group, don't be hesitant to come - all levels are welcome, from native speakers to those just learning German.


The Spanish Conversation subgroup is a highly international group for all those who speak Spanish. Both native and non-native speakers are welcome at our monthly meetings.

Dementia Support Group

One of our LINK members runs regular informal, informative support sessions on dementia awareness. 

One in ten people over 65 will have dementia. Most of us will be impacted by this difficult disease, and need to help and care for loved ones or support a friend who is doing so. This role is even more stressful when you do not live nearby. The disease shows up differently in different people making it more challenging to understand and make sense of the behaviors we see. In the sessions we will discuss general themes as well as discussing challenges faced by those you know. Everyone is welcome to come along and find out more about the disease.

Environmental Ambassadors

If you are a nature-lover, sustainable and green-living ambassador and an environmental and ecological warrior, join the LINK Environmental Ambassadors subgroup.  Our objectives are to create social and fun events in amazing nature settings, recycle and reduce waste daily; and act as school and local community ambassadors in raising environmental awareness. 

'Fartlek' Interval Training at the Fort

This is a well established group that meets every week in Charlottenlund. They participate in interval training and networking whilst exercising. The group usually covers about 5 km followed by body weights, running around in circles so all levels are welcome.

Fashion & Design Lovers

The Fashion Lovers subgroup is about discovery and inspiration, interactive activities to learn about all sides of fashion, local brands, support sustainability and creators behind it. It is not only about clothes, it is also about creativity, design, art, values.  Regular gatherings are in the second week of each month. In addition, occasionally we meet for a shopping event or a fashion movie.

Ladies Lunch

This foodie subgroup samples all the lovely food that Copenhagen has to offer with like-minded ladies.  

Mindful and More

LINK's mindfulness subgroup, Mindful and More, provides a space to co-create a more mindful, calm, and joyful way of being. We help each other to connect and create a loving, positive energy,  a place for us to help each other be in the moment, without judgement or wanting to change what is, but just letting go. Each time we meet we will discuss, share and practice different approaches to accessing and supporting mindfulness.

Movie Club

The Movie Club meets once a month to watch an entertaining movie in good company (usually Thursday evenings around 6-7pm). The choice of film is decided following members’ suggestions, keeping a nice balance between commercial and arthouse movies.

Pets Group

Members of the group use their facebook page to arrange their own dog walking meet-ups. There are regular meet-ups. The LINK Pets page is also a great place to post animal related questions, share useful information and offer any service such as pet-sitting for LINK members.  

Padel Tennis

Padel is a raquet sport that is a combination of tennis and squash, and is played as a doubles game. It is a faster game than tennis due to the smaller size of the court, and is very strategic which makes for a great fun game!


LINK Running is a social group who run for fun. We try to meet a couple of times a week & run 5k and usually begin upping the distance in the spring, depending on our individual goals. If there’s a fun run out there, we will be entered in it. All levels welcome.

Small Business

If you are looking at setting up your own business or already have a small business, you are invited to join this group. Together we will collaborate, support, learn, grow & celebrate our businesses. 

Stitch 'n' Bitch

The LINK Stitch ‘n Bitch group meets once a month and welcomes all members - whether you are a seasoned knitter/crocheter or a complete beginner. Come join us and get inspiration for a new project or join us for group projects!


LINK Swimming is a social group of beginners, intermediate and good swimmers. We enjoy swimming together in pools and in the sea. All year round! Most of us swim weekly, while others swim more frequently. It doesn’t matter which level you are, there is always time for a coffee and a chat afterwards. We encourage each other to have a goal and enjoy the journey together reaching them. All levels welcome.


Come join our tennis group for weekly games or lessons and fun tournaments. All levels welcome. 

Vegan Veggies

This group meets once a month to eat somewhere vegan or vegetarian friendly, or to make or experience some vegan or vegetarian. We exchanges tips, recipes, and shopping habits. This is an inclusive group for members of all diets (including meat eaters), and is aimed at helping each other to eat the diet that we choose. We can all learn from each other. 

Walking Groups

Friday City Walk

Are you interested in exploring Copenhagen’s streets, parks, and harbors while you walk and join other marvelous ladies sharing experiences and networking opportunities? Then the Friday City Walk is for you.

Our goal is to walk 10,000 steps within 1 hour and 30 minutes. That sometimes requires us to walk briskly, but we are willing to stop, take a picture, or share knowledge about our surroundings. We swap events, opportunities, and moral support. At the end, we finish for coffee and/or lunch.

Deer Park (Dyrehaven) Walking Group

Come and join us for a good two hour walk with great company and conversation in the Deer Park. The park stretches north to south, from Skodsborg to Jægersborg, and west to east, from Fortunen to Tårbæk and covers about 1700 hectares. In 2015 it was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site and is home to over 2000 wild deer. 

Dogs are always welcome to accompany us but must be kept on the lead at all times. 

Dog Walking Group

The LINK Dog Walking group meets every Saturday in Gentofte.

If there is interest, the group may also meet during the week at different times. So it's open to all who want to join even if you cannot make Saturday meetings.

Zumba Fitness

Come join the party on the last Saturday of every month. Zumba takes the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. The class is from 9.30 to 10.30 am at Kildeskovshallen, in the room Garderobe. We hope to see you there!

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