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Ladies' International Network København

Welcome to LINK Denmark

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LINK Denmark?

The Ladies’ International Network København is a volunteer-run network of women from countries all over the world who gather through LINK to build a social network. LINK is purely social and informal in nature – our aim is to help members expand their circle of friends and get involved in joint events and shared interests. You can read the LINK Bylaws here.

Who can join LINK?

Any internationally minded women can join LINK! Whether you are a non-Dane that would like to meet with other international women using English as the language of communication; or a Danish woman who wishes to make international friends and converse in English.

How do I join LINK? 

You can apply online right now! After you have filled out the online application, you will receive an email explaining how you can pay for membership. If you would like more information before joining, please email Membership.

How much does it cost?

Standard LINK membership is just DKK300. The membership year runs from February 1st to January 31st. Special reduced prices may apply to those joining part-way through the year, for information please email Membership.

Why is there a membership fee? What is it spent on?

The membership fee covers our running costs (website, newsletter, advertising, etc), subsidises events, and provides subsidies for each subgroup.

Who runs LINK?

LINK's committee and subgroup organisers are all member volunteers.  All members can help take part in the running of the group and are invited to attend the AGM every April.  They can also contact the committee any time to raise issues or make their views known. Committee positions are advertised in the newsletter when they become vacant.  We also offer help to any member interested in setting up a new subgroup.

How can I join a subgroup?

All LINK members can join any subgroup they like, although there is occasionally a waiting list for some of the most popular ones.  Click here to see a current list of active subgroups. Subgroups receive a subsidy from LINK, but depending on the activity there may be extra costs when you attend to cover running expenses, e.g. tennis court hire, snacks, etc.  Once you have joined LINK simply contact the subgroup coordinator of the group you’re interested in to find out more.

Can I set up my own subgroup?

Yes! Any member can set up a subgroup if there is enough interest. We provide help to set up the group and a small subsidy.

Is LINK just for mothers?

No, in fact over one-third of our members either have grownup children or none at all. The Events Co-ordinator organises different types of events that cater to all tastes and all age groups. Events take place both during the day and at evenings and weekends.

Is LINK for working women?

Yes! Many of our members work here in Denmark and so we also organise events at weekends and evenings to cater for them.

What nationalities join LINK?

It is very rich and varied. At the moment, it is approximately 25% British, 26% American, 10% Danish, 5% German, 4% Dutch, 4% French, with the balance being spread over 47 other different countries, making us a truly international organization

What if I still have questions?

Post on our Facebook page or contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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