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Embracing the Nordic life

10 May 2023 4:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Written by LINK member Dikla Dayan

Nordic life went up another step today. It's hard to break up with habits and get used to new things - even if they are good and healthy.

Today I traveled to Malmö (Sweden) with an amazing international group of women that I am so happy to have met here, part of the planned tour was (apparently) a visit to one of the dozens of saunas scattered on the beach. The concept: A huge and spectacular wooden pier that creates natural pools also includes a sauna space.

As an Israeli who got caught up in this situation, I was surprised (well… actually more like terrified) to find out that there is no option to use Facilities other than in full nudity.

To make a long story short, I ended up going for it and also got into the water between 3-8 degrees (depending on whom you ask) and found that it is totally reasonable and possible! It also gets better and better from dip to dip, as in between you go back to a pampering sauna or hot tub overlooking Copenhagen.

Back in the sauna, I talked to an American friend about the perception of nudity in our cultures - about the gap between social puritanism (sponsored by institutionalized religion), sex consumption and the legitimacy of the female body only when it serves a certain purpose of a third party. The amazing thing is that although we know it’s silly and wrong, it’s so deeply embedded, even in us - pretty sensible and quite cool women.

A big part of embracing the Nordic life is jumping into the (freezing) water and truly experimenting with living by their philosophy - a major aspect of it is having a very natural and pragmatic view of our bodies.

I must say I would NEVER have done this leap of faith without meeting the LINK tribe.  Having this quiet reassuring support in that specific moment allowed me to experience and unlock something new and liberating - and I’m grateful for that!

In the picture: the sauna Club symbol - two quite ordinary people who happen to be a man and a woman, having a fairly ordinary conversation while they happen to be naked.

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